Mexico RafaelMarianoValadez inStudioLiving in small scattered settlements high in the Sierra Madre Mountains of central-west Mexico is an indigenous tribe of very unique and magical people - the Huichol Indians.

The extreme remoteness of the territory and rugged mountain ranges spared the Huichol from being conquered by the Spaniards and from being substantially changed by the Mexican culture.

They remain one of the last tribes of people in North America who still live much as they did in pre-Colombian times, maintaining the same ageless rituals and beliefs. They are considered by many anthropologists to be an invaluable window to the past.

The Huichol consider themselves \"Mirrors of the Gods\" and strive to reflect a sacred vision of the world, both physically and spiritually. To the Huichol, everything is alive and has a soul (called Kupuri) and is therefore divine. Click to Read More...

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