The artist who creates our amazing Alligator Juniper Tables offers a wide variety of custom juniper tables but can also create your personal piece to your specific specifications. You can choose the style of legs that you want on your custom juniper table whether it be his crazy legs made up of multiple Juniper branches, the beautiful trestle legs or a single trunk.

Many of our Southwest Juniper Tables are made from locally harvested New Mexico Alligator Juniper. The Alligator Juniper tree has grey bark that grows in squares that resemble the alligator scales for which it is commonly named. The wood of this special tree has marvelous character in its grain lines. It is native to the high mesa regions of New Mexico and Arizona with a few in Texas and California.

Whatever you choose you will not be disappointed. What makes his tables so unique is how he finishes each piece utilizing either natural turquoise or some other semi-precious material in the cracks or voids that are naturally in the wood. This creates a whole new dimension for a table top as well as a unique piece of furniture that everyone will be talking about.

The Alligator Juniper can only be found in a small area in the southwest part of the US and Northern Mexico. it can grow to heights of 60 – 70 feet and can be up to 1200 years old. All of the wood used in making these tables is collected through a special permit and are either standing or lying dead for many years and have been naturally dried.

These are the most unique one-of-a-kind tables you will ever find anywhere. And what is even more amazing is how reasonably priced they are. All of the Southwest dining pieces that you see on our website are true works of art.