Huichol Beaded Art

The Huichol beaded art (called Chaquira) of the Huichol Indians dates back further than their Huichol yarn art paintings. The Huichol initially used beads that they traded for from people that they encountered and also gathered sea shells to adorn their pieces of art. Today, in our modern world, the Huichol have access to Czech glass beads. 99% of Huichol beaded art that you see is made from the #11 bead and with primary colors. These are the traditional colors. To see the new beaded art of the Huichol done in the #14 bead, almost 1/2 the size, and done in earthtones and translucent and irredesent colors, look at our Tiny Bead pieces…they are the Faberge of Huichol art.