Dining Tables

From $2995 to $12,000

In creating our juniper wood dining tables the artist uses beautiful, large slabs of wood.

Even with the smallest juniper wood dining tables the minimum width will be about 36″ with a length of 60″. This generally requires putting at least 2 and sometimes 3 slabs of juniper wood together to achieve the width. Matching the grain and color is where he excels in his design work. Occasionally the artist is able to find a single slab of wood wide enough and long enough for a large table. These are considered very rare and generally the price will reflect that. Be sure to see the amazing 11′ long dining table in the photos below. It may never be repeated again because these pieces of wood are almost impossible to find anymore.

Decide what size juniper wood dining tables that you would like to have built and we will send you photos of the raw slabs of juniper that he intends to use to make your custom wood dining tables. We will show you where he will be putting the different slabs together, what the edges will look like and what the legs will look like after you have selected the style. This is your creation. Let’s make it fun and memorable.

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