The Art of the Huichol: Mask Bali Huichol Tiny Beaded at Xanadu

Mask Bali Huichol Tiny Beaded

For over 20 years, Xanadu in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has been known for its unique and authentic art pieces. Among these treasures is the Mask Bali Huichol Tiny Beaded, showcasing the detailed and beautiful art of the Huichol people. Let’s explores the cultural significance, craftsmanship, and modern relevance of this amazing beaded mask, while […]

Huichol Yarn Paintings: A Masterpiece from Xanadu Santa Fe

Huichol yarn paintings

For over 20 years, Xanadu has been a beloved store in Santa Fe, New Mexico, renowned for its collection of unique and beautiful art pieces. One of the standout items in their collection is the Huichol yarn painting. These vibrant artworks are rich in cultural significance and are a testament to the creativity and spiritual […]

Ying Yang Huichol Tiny Beaded Masks

Mask Ying Yang Huichol Tiny Beaded

For over 20 years, Xanadu in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has been a favorite spot for unique and traditional art forms, especially Huichol beaded art. One of the most striking items you’ll find at Xanadu is the Ying Yang Huichol Tiny Beaded Masks. These beautiful pieces of art are made with the smallest beads available, […]

Discover the World of Huichol Beaded Art at Xanadu Santa Fe

Huichol Beaded Art

For over two decades, Xanadu has been a beloved destination in Santa Fe, New Mexico, offers a treasure trove of unique treasures and artisanal delights. Among our diverse collections, one of the most captivating and cherished category is Huichol Beaded Art. Crafted by the talented Huichol Indians using the tiniest beads available, these beautiful pieces […]

Vibrant Tradition of Huichol Indian Yarn Painting – 24″ x 48″

Huichol Indian Yarn Painting

Situated in the remote parts of north-central Mexico reside the Huichol people, whose vibrant culture is encapsulated in their traditional art form, Huichol Indian Yarn Painting. At Xanadu, a cherished establishment in Santa Fe for over 20 years, we take pride in showcasing the rich heritage of Huichol art. With a collection curated over decades, […]

Huichol Bead Art – Mask Princess Exquisite Beauty

huichol bead art

Nestled in the vibrant cultural landscape of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Xanadu has been a beacon of artistic excellence for over two decades. As you step into our gallery, prepare to be captivated by the intricate beauty and cultural significance of Huichol Bead Art. Each Mask Princess Huichol Tiny Beaded art piece tells a story […]

Rich Tradition of Huichol Art Yarn Paintings

Huichol Art Yarn Painting

Huichol art yarn paintings, also called Nearika, hold a mesmerizing charm tied to the cultural and spiritual legacy of the Huichol community, residing in the secluded parts of north-central Mexico. Originating as ceremonial tributes for abundant harvests, this age-old practice has transformed into a dynamic portrayal of Huichol’s cultural essence. At Xanadu, we delight in […]

Coyote Black Tone in Huichol Tiny Beaded Art at Xanadu Santa Fe

Coyote Black Tone Huichol Tiny Beaded

Exploring the Beauty of Huichol Indian Art In the heart of the Western Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico resides a culture rich in tradition and spirituality – the Huichol Indians. Renowned for their sophisticated artwork, the Huichol people express profound religious sentiments and ancestral wisdom through their creations. At the forefront of this artistic heritage […]