Timeless Elegance of Seatee at Xanadu Santa Fe


Welcome to Xanadu Santa Fe, where Southwest Charm meets artisan craftsmanship. For over two decades, Xanadu has been a beacon of quality and sophistication in the heart of New Mexico. Our commitment to preserving the rich heritage of Santa Fe through meticulously crafted furniture has made us a trusted destination for discerning homeowners and interior […]

Marilyn Lounge from Southwest Furniture Range

Marilyn Lounge

Introduction Welcome to Xanadu, your go-to destination for exquisite Southwest Furniture in Santa Fe, New Mexico! For more than twenty years, we’ve remained committed to providing our customers with top-quality pieces that embody the spirit of the Southwest. In this article, we invite you to explore the allure of Southwest furniture, with a special focus […]

Comfy and Stylish Sectional Sofa with Chaise Lounge

5050 Angled Sofa

Introduction Are you wanting to make your living space more comfy and stylish? Look no further than the versatile and luxurious sectional sofa with chaise lounge. At Xanadu Santa Fe, we’re proud to offer one of the best-selling pieces of furniture that not only adds a striking aesthetic to any room but also ensures unparalleled […]

Elevate Your Space with Wing Back Southwest Style Chairs

34 Wing Back

Introduction In the kingdom of interior design, few pieces of furniture exude the timeless charm and cultural richness quite like Southwest style chairs. With their distinct characteristics inspired by Native American and Spanish cultures, these chairs add a unique flair to any space. At Xanadu Santa Fe, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection […]

Elevate Your Living Space with Colby Sectional Sofa with Ottoman

Sectional Sofa with Ottoman

Colby Sectional Sofa with Ottoman Are you searching for the perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality for your living room? Look no further than the Colby Sectional Sofa with a 40’’ Ottoman from Xanadu Santa Fe. Designed with the discerning homeowner in mind, this furniture set represents the essence of Southwestern charm while offering […]