Huichol Yarn Art

The Huichol (pronounced Wee-chol) people with their visionary Huichol Yarn Art (called Nearika) inhabit the most remote parts of north central Mexico. These once nomadic descendents of the Aztecs are now an agrarian society farming in a difficult mountainous homeland. Originally intended as ceremonial offerings to the Spirits to insure a bountiful harvest, HUICHOL YARN ART PAINTINGS continue today as a testament to the whole of their religious and cultural beliefs.

We at Xanadu have the largest collection of Huichol Yarn Art which can be shipped any where in the United States. Anyone fortunate enough to own a piece of Huichol art has more than a beautiful work of Huichol art – they are honored to hold a part of the Huichol art culture, adorned with designs and motifs of individual historical and spiritual significance to the Huichol Indians of the Upper Sierra Madre Mountains.