Luxury Furniture Southwest Sectional Sofa Xanadu Santa Fe. Customized or Standard. All of upholstered furniture has a Lifetime Warranty on the frame work.

This is a fabulous Southwest Sectional with a Chaise on one end. Each sectional is custom made so you can choose the materials that you want. The Chaise can go on either end and the Sectional can be made larger or smaller.

Southwest Chaise Sectional


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This photo shows a nice angle for this piece of furniture.  The length along the back side is 11′ and the shorter leg is 9′.

CUSTOMIZE ME! All of our upholstered furniture has a Lifetime Warranty on the frame work and is made in the USA. The Southwest Xanadu furniture that you see on this site and in our Jackalope Store in Santa Fe are made with your choice of a multitude of fabrics, contrasting microfiber, bonded leather or cowhide.

We can have any piece of furniture made to your specifications and size.  With this piece we can eliminate the chaise or add an additional cushion on either leg.  We could add cowhide to the bottom panel.  You are the architect.  You create your own personal design.