Another example in a much more manageable size.  Probably about 120 lbs.


This massive piece will weigh in at close to 9000 lbs.  Absolutely a unique piece that is now a piece of art rather than just a rock lying around.

Azurite Sculpture


This piece is priced at about $1 a pound as it weighs in at close to 4,500 lbs.  This is richly beautiful Azurite which typically is a by product out of a copper mine.  These pieces are from mines around Globe, AZ.  What makes this such a beautiful item is that the stone has been mounted into a sculpture.  The rock is beautiful lying on the ground, but it is spectacular turned into a piece of art.  The artist does the same thing with quartz crystal, chrysocola, lapis and many other fascinating pieces.  What was previously just a beautiful rock is now something can be admired and enjoyed .  Look at the other fossil and mineral items in this category and you will see some fascinating creations.