This closeup will allow you to see the cobra figure and a much better detail of the tubular beads used for the hair above the forehead.  The amount of work on this mask and the detail is unsurpassed. Truly a one of a kind piece.

The Huichol Indians of the Sierra Madre Mountains of central-west Mexico are highly creative people who reflect their strong ceremonial traditions and rich mythology in their visionary art work. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE HUICHOL


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Mask Princess Huichol Tiny Beaded


This is the beaded art of the Huichol Indians done with the tiniest bead available, size 14.  The colors used with these tiny beads are very different than what you typically see with the regular size #11 bead.  These pieces are considered to be some of the finest bead work done anywhere.  Like pixels, the more dots per inch the sharper the image so the designs are very crisp and clear.  The bead itself is much more expensive and it also requires almost twice the number of beads, so the prices for these pieces is going to be higher than the traditional art form.

There is a lot going on with this mask.  There is a cobra above the forehead, a gecko to the left of that and a flower above the gecko.  The hair is done with a gunmetal blue tubular bead.  This is an extremely unusual and very detailed mask which will never be seen again.

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