Shop where the locals shop….Santa Fe loves our variety of inspired Southwest furniture!

We offer comfortable high-quality Southwest Furniture at a great price. You can’t afford not to see our variety of sofas, loveseats, sectionals, many different types of chairs, ottomans and our most popular piece of furniture, the fabulous chaise lounge. We have listed several different styles and types of furniture which have been completed with various combinations of fabrics and/or cowhide. Each and every one of our pieces of furniture can be made to your own look and specifications. Your imagination is your only limit. Traditional and Contemporary style fabrics are also available.

Create Your Own Santa Fe Style Furniture:

1. Find the style of furniture that you like as you browse through our various styles.

2. Look through all the different fabrics and combinations that are on any other piece of furniture on our site.

3. Create your own custom furniture piece!

4. Call us so that we can assist you with any of this process: 505.982.1001

There is no additional charge for making your own custom design. We look forward to helping you create the furniture of your dreams. We have the best shipping rates in the industry so you will be very pleased at how reasonable we can get our furniture to you. Seriously.