Alligator Juniper coffee table with crazy legs and inlaid turquoise. All natural wood. | This artist’s work is very popular and sells quickly, so please check with us to see what is currently available!

We offer a wide variety of custom made tables; working with you and the artist to create your personal piece to your specifications. You can choose style, width, length, the amount of inlaid turquoise and the style of legs that you want …whether it be “crazy legs” made up of multiple Juniper branches, trestle legs or a single trunk.

Price will vary depending on size and amount of inlaid turquoise and typically takes three weeks to complete. We can ship anywhere at very reasonable rates.






Juniper Coffee Table #3


Exceptional Alligator Juniper coffee table with beautiful crazy legs. The artisan uses ground turquoise in the fill material to give the finished top a distinctive appearance. This is a photo of the legs on this featured coffee table.  The legs are made from the branches of the alligator juniper tree.

Manufacturer: Zane Palmer
Product Dimensions and Weight:
Product Length: 64 IN
Product Width: 30 IN
Product Heigth: 19 IN
Product Weight: 150 LB

Click here to read more about the unique “Crazy Legs” that create the base of the table